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Lottery Life

16 Jul 2018 Game Of The Day

Lottery Life

by Opposite Lock

  • Lottery Life
  • Lottery Life
  • Lottery Life
  • Lottery Life
  • Lottery Life

"The spirit of Grand Theft Auto with the strategy of Monopoly." - Ambyshn Applications 2018

Lottery Life is a parody of modern America where living only for the moment and blowing your savings on lottery tickets is the normal.

Welcome to Bucktown USA, where life is a struggle and only the strong survive. This is an Economic SandBox game that uses FAKE lottery tickets as the means of earning income.

Win it big and spend your riches on sick cars, mind-blowing houses and more. Or if times get tough, get grimey and rob other players for their cash.


- Sophisticated real-working economic systems including financing, loans, bribery and interest payments.

- Make your interest payments daily or they get REPOSSESSED.

- In a jam? See Tommy at the pawn shop. He’ll loan you cash, best (and only) rates in town!

- 5 “Hoods” to unlock.

- Drive the SICKEST cars on Earth.

- Train your accuracy to win Gunfights.

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