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Madness Of Colors

Madness Of Colors

by Biplex Developers

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  • Madness Of Colors
  • Madness Of Colors


Hit the colour on the wall matching with the square to live in this mad intense game of colors.

1.The colour of the polygon is selected among red , green , yellow and blue at random after hitting the correct colour on the wall and bouncing back. The colors on the walls switch between four. This is a game apt for playing on Holi

2.The colors of the wall change with each hit as well. It is game over when the polygon hits the top and bottom wall or the wrong colour.

3. Increase the vertical velocity of the polygon by continuously tapping on the screen. The horizontal velocity and vertical acceleration increase along with the score, increasing the difficulty level.

4. Submit your top score to the leaderboard and become the famous guy among your friends.

5. There is an extra incentive to those who cross 50 in the Madness of Colors . Who ever cross 50 will feature in the famous Biplex Developers page. This will make those users as famous as the game itself. They can show off their talent of handling colors especially during Holi

6. Share your score in social media to challenge or compete with your friends in Madness of Colors.

7. The adaptive difficulty in the game is an innovative feature which adapts to the increasing score. The background color switches after every 10 points.

8. The mad Madness of Colors app is specifically attractive to kids also and they can know their ranking in the game through leaderboard. The can learn about conservation of water if they play this game on Holi.

9. The polygon keeps on cross ing from left to right to left as long as the game is not over. Its velocity takes a switch when it hits the wall.

10 Kids can cross their own top scores so that they feel happy. Their position on the leaderboard will switch accordingly. They can compete with each other during Holi also.

11. The Madness of Colors app is useful to parents also. They can let their kids play this game so that the kids stop annoying their parents.

12. The users can feel a sense of achievement and feel famous when their name appears in the top position of the leaderboard.

13. This mad and crazy polygon game called the Madness of Colors contains two types of leaderboard - Social and All leaderboard . The users can switch from social to All at any given point of time.

Experience the Holi spirit by playing Madness of Colors

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