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Magnetic Chess Game!

Magnetic Chess Game!

by creative spartans

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  • Magnetic Chess Game!
  • Magnetic Chess Game!
  • Magnetic Chess Game!

Magnetic Chess Game!

Enjoy this new abstract strategy party & travel fun magnetic chess strategy game ideal as a party game for functions & a cozy game night with friends and create a relaxing atmosphere! In this strategy game Enjoy various modes and levels with this chess set. , Fun Table Top Multiplayer Magnetic Chess Game with Stones Magnet Game

Enhance reflexes, learn the basics quickly, and foster concentration and logic,

How To Play:🎮

• Challenge the forces of nature with magnetic, strategic fun. Strategically position your magnets to avoid attracting other magnets. A game of endless fun.

• The magnets are hidden in the sponge grooves/strings and user must play them in a way that they have to finish their magnets.

• Whoever finishes their magnets first will win, but watch if two magnets are placed close to each other they will attract and you will lose.

• In multiplayer mode Place magnets onto the base without letting any magnets connect. If any magnets connect on your turn, you must collect those magnets and add them to your pile. Run out of magnets first to win.

Magnetic Chess is a game that allows you to exercise your thinking and logic skills in a fun and challenging way. You can challenge yourself or others and have fun with friends. This is a great way to bring them closer together and spend some quality time together. Stimulate your brain development and enhance cognitive abilities with this travel chess set with magnets.

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