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Major Push

Major Push

by GFCreativeLab

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It doesn't look like any game you have ever seen, trust me!

MAJOR PUSH is an INNOVATIVE chessboard game: score your point or build a defense by PUSHING away your OPPONENT!

It is a pure STRATEGIC game without any influence of the Alea like Chess, Checkers or GO!


Only 3 rules:

1. Play your pawn

2. Score a point or PUSH away the opponent

3. Reach 5 points and become a MAJOR player

                            Easy to learn, quick to play, hard to master!
                                                     What else?

Lots of features:
- COLORBLIND-friendly
- Multilingual + LATIN translation!
- Compatible from android 4.1

And there are 3 different ways to enjoy it:

- Local game 1vs1 on the same device
- Very difficult 1vsCPU mode
- Worldwide online game 1vs1 in real-time

What are you waiting for?

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