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Math Games - 10X Puzzle

Math Games - 10X Puzzle

by Pistalix

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  • Math Games - 10X Puzzle
  • Math Games - 10X Puzzle
  • Math Games - 10X Puzzle
  • Math Games - 10X Puzzle
  • Math Games - 10X Puzzle
  • Math Games - 10X Puzzle
  • Math Games - 10X Puzzle

Math Games - 10X Puzzle is a classic number puzzle game.
Puzzle Time will test and sharpen your brain with this collection of free Math Games - 10X Puzzle games! Whether you play these entertaining games from your childhood or have never played them before, go and grow smarter with 10x Puzzle! Play this entertaining game by sliding, connecting, and solving puzzles. As you play these fantastic logic & math game, you will be able to test your brain capacity, increase your IQ, and relax.
Drag number blocks across the board to reach a total of ten in any row or column, and you'll be awarded points! Simply tap and move the wooden number tiles to experience the wonder of numbers while also coordinating your eyes, hands, and brain. Put your logic and brainpower to the test, have fun, and enjoy yourself!

Crazy Math Games - 10X Puzzle Features:
- A sliding puzzle game with smooth effects.
- The gameplay is simple to pick up and master.
- Each Puzzle has an assured answer.
- Large number of challenging levels
- Both positive and negative number tile boards are available
- Relaxing music and stunning visual effects
- This n=math puzzle game involves both math puzzles for adults & math puzzles for kids
- Multi-block touch movements are supported
- Raw Destroyer, Column Destroyer, Cross Destroyer available
- No access to the internet? NO PROBLEM AT ALL! You can play wherever you choose, even if you're not connected to the internet.
- After level completion with a higher score user will get Random gift/ money/ power-ups

Challenge your brainpower with the 10x Puzzle: Math & Logic game! The distinctive beauty of slide fun math games is made possible by the user-friendly operation and simple UI! If you like to play addition games, math games free, calculation games, then you will definitely like this cool math game. Enjoy it and have a good time!

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