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by BeeCoded Team

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Mathris is an addictive number-based game where you have to think quick. You have a limited time to reach the target number using given numbers that keep stacking up, and operators that keep changing. 

You will also encounter power-ups that will buy you a couple of seconds and give you advantage to think your next move or two carefully.

As you progress, you will be able to trade the points you earn for unlocking various awesome-looking skins. 

Apart from the 45 levels available in Classic Mode, you will be able to test your skills in Challenge and Endless Modes as well.

Do your best to finish the levels as fast as you can and you will be rewarded with awesome achievements! 

The scores you get after finishing a level add up to your total score that determines your leaderboard position. 

Who said that practicing math has to be boring and dull? 
Have fun boosting your mathematics and dexterity skills!

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