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MEGA QUIZ. Battle of knowledge. Free Trivia Game

10 Nov 2019 Game Of The Day

MEGA QUIZ. Battle of knowledge. Free Trivia Game

by Mobiman

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  • MEGA QUIZ. Battle of knowledge. Free Trivia Game
  • MEGA QUIZ. Battle of knowledge. Free Trivia Game
  • MEGA QUIZ. Battle of knowledge. Free Trivia Game
  • MEGA QUIZ. Battle of knowledge. Free Trivia Game
  • MEGA QUIZ. Battle of knowledge. Free Trivia Game
  • MEGA QUIZ. Battle of knowledge. Free Trivia Game
  • MEGA QUIZ. Battle of knowledge. Free Trivia Game
  • MEGA QUIZ. Battle of knowledge. Free Trivia Game

The most exciting, innovative quiz ever made has arrived in 2019. This trivia multiple choice game, includes more than 25000 questions and over 4000 photo questions that will entertain, inform and challenge even the most experienced players. It even asks you in English with voice !
Welcome to the next generation of quizzes, that will give you hours of fun testing your knowledge and your IQ. Prove your skills, competing against other players or in real time vs and battle mode. You don't even need to read each question; you can hear it from your mobile device, so just plug your earphones and have fun! Earn coins and score points in each level you complete, review your answers. Create pdf reports of your rounds, so that you prove your skills! The app is fun but also educational.


This awesome Trivia is full of unique and exciting features:
✓ Over 25000 questions and hundreds of levels to unlock
✓ Single but also two player battle mode vs in real-time
✓ You can listen to each question, if you like, instead of reading it!
✓ Get pdf reports of your quizzes in each round - level
✓ Review your answers and check the correct and incorrect ones
✓ Monthly leaderboards - get your score to number one!
✓ Many quiz games categories of both easy and difficult questions
✓ Over 4000 photo questions and logo quizzes are included in the mix for variety and fun
✓ IQ exercises and brain puzzles that are not knowledge depended
✓ Easy login & sharing via your favorite social apps
✓ Small & fast game, all questions are stored in our servers
✓ Smooth & captivating game design


» Choose the trivia category that you want
» Choose the level (unlock levels as you go)
» Each quiz round serves 20 questions
» Each right answer gives you 5 points
» The more right answers you give the more coins you earn
» You can watch videos to earn more coins
» You have 25 sec to answer each question
» Fifty - Fifty (50-50) help action in each round
» Skip question help to jump to the next question
» Audience poll help for the most popular choices
» Reset timer help action if you need more time
» Choose Battle mode for player vs player quiz+let the game begin!


☆ Animals
☆ Art and Literature
☆ Entertainment Mix
☆ General Knowledge
☆ Guess the image & 'logo Quiz'
☆ Math & Brain puzzles
☆ Geography trivia
☆ History quizzes
☆ Movies - Series - Popular Shows
☆ Music
☆ Religion & Mythology
☆ Science & Nature
☆ Sports
☆ Wrong/Correct type 'quiz games'

If you like quiz trivia games, you will love our quiz app that covers categories such as general knowledge, GK, guess the image, math and brain puzzles, IQ games, music, movies, TV series, art, literature, geography, history, sports, science, nature, religion, mythology, history, animals, True/false. Unlock all levels of our quiz questions and answers free game and get to the top of the scoreboards; each month a new champion is picked! Only exciting trivia quizzes are included that are updated regularly, adding new levels and knowledge categories. Invite a friend and play 2 player mode, show who is the best in trivia.
Our quiz battle offer real-time gaming experience but also relaxed, casual single player quizzes that educate. Guess the photo quiz category will never get you bored; just choose one of the four possible answers. These image quizzes include celebrities, places, flags, sport figures, music artists, movie stars, quiz logo games and many more. Our vast collection of quizzes, offers you hundreds of levels to unlock and test your general knowledge at any time. You might not realise it but each day you play, you learn something!

If you like the trivia app, please do rate us on play store. Also feel free to report to us any question you find in the trivia game with the report question feature. Don't hesitate to suggest new type of categories!

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