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Mindi - Mindicote Multiplayer Online Game

Mindi - Mindicote Multiplayer Online Game

by Pistalix

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  • Mindi - Mindicote Multiplayer Online Game
  • Mindi - Mindicote Multiplayer Online Game
  • Mindi - Mindicote Multiplayer Online Game
  • Mindi - Mindicote Multiplayer Online Game
  • Mindi - Mindicote Multiplayer Online Game
  • Mindi - Mindicote Multiplayer Online Game

Mindi/Mindicot is known as Dehla Pakad in North India. It is also known as Mendi, Mindikot, Mendi Multiplayer based on location. Mindi Multiplayer is the most popular desi game, a trick-taking and time passing game, well-known in India.

People love to play Mindi Multiplayer Online, or we could call it Mendi Multiplayer. They play Free Live, Online, Real-Time, Multiplayer Mindi for countless hours with their friends and families. Mindi is for intelligent, smart and tricky people. This Indian card game needs some strategy to win it.

Mendi Multiplayer game in India is also commonly known as Dahar games or Hukam online. A different group of people call it with various names, or it is sometimes called by how it is played. For example, the local people call it tash ka game or panna, while others call it by the game name. Meet this amazing, cool desi game Mindicot on your mobile.

Free Multiplayer Mindi is played in partnership and is easy to learn card game. It is a team game, in which there are two teams which are sitting opposite. A standard international 52 cards pack is used. Cards of each suit rank from high to low is A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2.

The ultimate objective of each team is to win a maximum no. of 10 numbered cards( 10 of diamonds, 10 of clubs, 10 of spades, 10 of hearts ) for your team. If the one team is lucky to get all 10 number cards, It's called Mindi Koats, Mendi Koats Or Mindi Coats against the opponents.

Rules to Keep in mind.
Mindi is played with single or multiple deck options. There are two methods of choosing the trump suit ( Hukum ).
Hide Mode - Player left to the dealer has to select one card from their hand, placing it to the table face down, declared as trump suit for that play. This mode is also known as Bandth Hukum.
Katte Mode - Play begins without choosing a trump suit. When the player cannot follow suit, that player has to decide which suit the player want as hukum. This mode is also known as Cut Hukum.

Win in Mindi Multiplayer Online.
To win, the team needs two tens with seven hands or more than two tens. Winning by taking all four tens is known as Mendikot. Taking all thirteen tricks is a 52-card kot or whitewash.

Mindicote is an Online Mindi Multiplayer Card Game. It has several unique and interesting gameplay and features like
Free & User Friendly: Free to Play and extremely user-friendly interface.
Daily Free Chips: Play every day and get Free Coins as a bonus. Also can get the free coin from the spin wheel and by watching the rewarded video. More chips on completing achievements & Daily Quest.
Private Table: Create a private table and invite your friends and family to play mindi. Can also set bet amount and mode.
Works On Slow Internet: Works with slow internet connectivity like 2G.
Multi-language: Supports Hindi, English and Gujarati languages.

Mindi Online Card Game is well popular as Mendi Online, MindiKot, Mendi Multiplayer, Dehla Pakad, Mindi Free online Card Game.

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