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Mr. Fat Unicorn Cooking Game

Mr. Fat Unicorn Cooking Game

by creative spartans

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  • Mr. Fat Unicorn Cooking Game
  • Mr. Fat Unicorn Cooking Game
  • Mr. Fat Unicorn Cooking Game
  • Mr. Fat Unicorn Cooking Game

Mr. fat unicorn is going to start his giant food business & he is here with complete preparation. He wants recognition and popularity very fast because he wants to marry his dream girl but she wants him to have his own house and a car! Can you help him getting rich quickly and marry the girl of his dreams?

Help the fat unicorn be the video blogger & streamer. But there are so many other video bloggers on the internet so he decided to make something new and out of the box. So he decided to make the traditional desserts in GIANT size treats. His idea is amazing so make him publish his GIANT food videos on famous video blogging sites. Make him earn a lot of video views and subscribers so he may get rich quick! Also help him sell the giant food to his clients and serve them their favorite desserts in a giant size for some added fun. Help him being the best Giant food chef cook and video blogger Make Giant Cupcakes, Giant Donuts and Giant Ice cream cones as fast as you can , make the videos of your cooking and publish them to earn some extra money. Be the real streamer chef and create your amazing cooking master pieces.

Mr. fat Unicorn Giant Food Business Game Play & Features:
Learn to Cook Giant Donuts in rainbow, unicorn and galaxy themes.
Make your favorite cupcakes in giant size using cake molds and original cooking tools.
Serve the biggest ice cream cone ever in so many flavors and toppings.
Record your videos and publish them as a video blogger to earn some extra money.
Serve your clients with your favorite giant foods in this addictive time management game.
Learn to make money as a chef in real life with this cooking and baking game.
Learn real DIY giant food recipes and learn the art to get rich with food blogging.

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