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Mukbang ASMR Cooking!

Mukbang ASMR Cooking!

by creative spartans

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  • Mukbang ASMR Cooking!
  • Mukbang ASMR Cooking!
  • Mukbang ASMR Cooking!
  • Mukbang ASMR Cooking!
  • Mukbang ASMR Cooking!

Want to relax with ASMR swing ride? Its time to challenge yourself with this full time challenging game in which you clean the zip line wire with a ring that will not only clean the pipe but will also trigger the ASMR in you. Clean the wire for ASMR vibrations and small particles destruction that will be oddly satisfying to watch all day long. Wait you also need to shift the shape of the ring so to avoid any obstacles coming your way while cleaning the colors on pipe. Shift the ring and save it from colliding. Make sure you clear all the hurdles on pipe without hitting the red portion. This oddly satisfying pipe cleaning will give you chills and so addictive to play that you will enjoy playing it all day long make sure you peel good.
Enjoy this oddly satisfying 3d animation of ring cleaning and test your nerves with a challenging experience.
Oddly satisfying wire cleaning and make sure you peel good.
Be the best zipline swing rider & avoid the red part of the pipe as it will make you fall.
Shift the ring shape before it collides.
Oddly satisfying 3d animation to relax your brain with ASMR vibrations.
Challenge yourself with all the levels only 1% can clear level 15.
Fast paced Highly addictive game play with more than 500 levels.
Hyper Casual mode with anti anxiety features

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