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My Entrepreneur Dream Job

29 Jul 2018 Game Of The Day

My Entrepreneur Dream Job

by GameiMake

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  • My Entrepreneur Dream Job
  • My Entrepreneur Dream Job
  • My Entrepreneur Dream Job
  • My Entrepreneur Dream Job
  • My Entrepreneur Dream Job
  • My Entrepreneur Dream Job

My Entrepreneur Dream Job! Everyone has a dream job from their childhood. Which one is yours? If you don't have, we'll help you out on this one. My Dream Job game will give you different dream jobs. Choose your dream job and play the role you always wanted to be in your life. This My Dream Job game will teach you each and every task you need to learn in your dream job. Live your dream in this learning game and make it happen. Here we represent you various dream jobs you always wanted to have.

Super Model Job

Hey Girls! Do you want to be a Super Model? Then this one is for you. So many girls have a dream to be a supermodel. But, do you know what it takes to be a supermodel? No problem supermodel game will help you out. You need to regulate your timings of your sleeping time, take care of your face and hair, do regular workouts and gym, select make up for superstar girl, have healthy food as per your diet, give a nice photo shoot, give some beautiful poses in front of media, keep your useful things with you, repair the things in the studio like chair, light, chip, flapper, etc., prepare for red carpet and give speech for your achievement. Complete each and every task in this superstar game and be a supermodel.

Babysitter Job 

Some people love babies. They like to handle the kids on their own. A babysitter is one of the dream job. In this baby care game, you need to take care of everything about baby. In babysitting, most important thing is hygienic work. So first you need to take the baby to bath, wash her hair with baby shampoo, wash her body with baby soap, use baby powder & baby spray, select the proper dress for her and dress her up, make food for her in this cooking game and feed her, tell the bedtime story and make her sleep. Give your best to handle a baby. In this babysitter game, baby should love your accompany.

Waitress & Caretaker Job:

Mostly caring people have their dream job as a caretaker. And there are some people who don't know how to take care of their self or else they don't have time for it. Firstly, you need to look proper. So make your hair, brush your teeth, get dressed up properly, have a juice and go to your workplace. Clean all the mess up at your workplace and put all the things to where they belong. Make some food for the little boy and serve him on a clean table. Select party wear dresses and collect all the dirty dishes. 

Fire Rescuer Job:

There are some heroic person who likes to save others life and help with their problems. This kind of persons stands for humanity. Fire rescuer is one of those people's dream job. In this fire rescue game, as a fire rescuer you need to save people who are stuck in the fireplace and eliminate the fire from that place. As a fire rescuer, saving a life is not your only duty. You need to take away big stones and trees which are blocking the road. Make your fire van clean with different tools. Save the girl's kitty on the tree and win the hearts in this pet care game.

Key Features:

- Live your dream job at your fingertips and make it happen

- Select Makeup in this girlís makeover game

- Select outfits up in this girls dress up game

- Learn how to maintain yourself to be a supermodel

- Perfect girls work out game & gyming to maintain your physics

- Be a babysitter and have fun with a little baby

- Learn how to make burger, juice and other healthy food

- Collect different objects in this hidden object game & put it in the proper boxes

- Become superhero in this rescue game & save the lives

- Operate crane and help others in this fire rescue game

- Use the hardware tools like Stone breaker and wood cutter

- Use various instruments to make your fire van clean and clear

Mostly everyone has a dream job. But everyone is not able to live it. Play this game, have fun, learn the tasks of your dream job and make it happen in your real life.

We will be glad with your response. Contact us anytime for any questions and suggestions at gameimakes@gmail.com

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