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Mystic Defense

11 Apr 2018 Game Of The Day

Mystic Defense


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3D , Unity , Hero
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  • Mystic Defense
  • Mystic Defense
  • Mystic Defense
  • Mystic Defense
  • Mystic Defense

Epic and exciting fantasy game will dive you into the wonderful and thoughtful world of the kingdom of the Regnos and allow, together with the heroes, to go through a difficult path towards their noble goal!


• The game is in the early access stage. We plan to produce weekly updates, which will contain new levels, opponents, heroes and skills! This game was created by people who love the genre of Tower Defense! We really hope that you will enjoy our work and you will support our development!


Darkness thickens over the territory of Regnos. Something terrible and inexplicable settled in the forests and mountain ranges of the mainland. Something that will put an end to the serene and serene life of all races that inhabit the kingdom. Can you prevent the inevitable end of all life? How many lives can you save?

"Mystic Defense" will please fans of the genre, because it combines the gameplay of the beloved by millions of players of the genre "Tower defense" and innovative solutions. Raise enemy infantry with powerful volleys of mortars! Shoot down a cloud of arrows flying monsters! Use the minds of the powers of the altars! Go through all 30+ levels, swarming hordes of enemies! Develop a special tactic for each type of enemy and smash into the ashes hordes of attacking monsters!

Save the lives of the innocent inhabitants of Regnos from the terrible death. The fate of the world is in your hands!


★ A completely new approach to the story line in the tower defense

★ High-quality 3D graphics with high-resolution textures.

★ WITHOUT A DONATE! (No donata at all.) Seriously!

★ Over 60 different opponents with different skill and resistance to damage.

★ Over 40 variants of modification of towers. System for the development of towers for resources.

★ Epic bosses.

★ Enormous scope for realizing your strategic opportunities. Combine and study!

★ Mighty heroes with a unique story, discovered in the course of the storyline.

★ Hours of gameplay and dozens of available achievements.

★ Optimized for smartphones and tablets on Android.



Your feedback is very important to us! Please, share your opinion about the game Mystic Defense in the comments!

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