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Neon Gliders

Neon Gliders

by Steampunk Wizards

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  • Neon Gliders

Can you handle the speed? Strap into your seat! Here comes another crazy, boundless, speedy driving game, only this time with a retro twist.

Neon Gliders is an immensely fast paced dodge ‘em obstacle flying game. Start at a slow pace and use evasive manoeuvres to dodge the infinite vast obstacles the game throws at you. Before you know it - you will be driving at lightning speed, so make sure you avoid any pesky blocks that get in in your way. Have your fingers ready!

Don't forget to collect your neon speed breakers should the speed be too much to handle. These babies will help slow your ship down and keep you from plunging in the void. So activate your warp shields, protect yourself and learn to glide in true style!

Here are just some of the key features you can expect within the game:

  • Numerous vessels to be unlocked by collecting more and more gems! 
  • Endless colourful backgrounds bursting with retro influences.
  • Cool and catchy tunes.
  • Unleash your competitive nature and beat your friends in the leaderboard. 
  • Easy user interface with settings to be toggled to your preference.

Why not connect online and try to beat your friends high scores? collect those gems, activate extra features and unlock new gliders to continue your limitless journey!

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