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New Room Escape Game - Secret Escape, Mobiescape

21 Mar 2021 Game Of The Day

New Room Escape Game - Secret Escape, Mobiescape

by Mobiescape

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  • New Room Escape Game - Secret Escape, Mobiescape
  • New Room Escape Game - Secret Escape, Mobiescape

Mobiescape develops the point and clicks escape games extremely for gamers who love to explore the games of escape. Each game has 21 levels of new free escape games. Each level has a different genre of room escape, door escape, key escape, adventure escape, horror escape, witch escape, forest escape, ghost escape, thief escape, treasure escape, puzzle room, exit game, etc. Mobiescape gives you the real Live escape room gameplay feel while you play our games. Our games have logical live puzzles in the game room. Escape room gives you the real feel of confining yourself in the game who tries to find the way to come out of the locked room.

Mobiescape offers you the variety of room escape games for kids, room escape games for elders, one link brings you the escape game room near you where you can play at any time. People search for the things to do for the kids can make kids play these escape games. People also search for family things to do, young people to do, teenagers to do, everyone can play this level escape games for free and happily.

Best escape games make you to think hard on solving the puzzles, to find the hidden objects, interesting level up, exciting game graphics, pleasing methods to solve, finding the exit without getting bored. New Escape games 2020 has hidden objects, trapped rooms, tiny puzzles, complicated puzzles, mysterious rooms, find the key to exit from all the mentioned ones.

Unlocking the doors and locks at every level gives you a thrill and exciting feel.
Escape games increased your memory and logical power.
Hidden fun games trap you in the room and make you find a way to exit the room.

If you are looking for hard brain challenges, then look out for the best escape games in the Mobiescape link in the play store. The game is as simple as such to find the hidden objects, solve the puzzles with the left out clues.

Some of the escape room games are developed based on the criminal investigation, to find murder cases with difficult puzzle solving. Such games will really make you go, addict, as you feel that you play real crime investigation murder case escape game.

Curtain Room Escape games for elders are developed based on the scary rooms, ghost escape, Halloween escape, haunted place, hidden escape games, hidden fun games, etc.
All the best for your adventurous journey towards the new room escape games 2020 by Mobiescape.

Solve the mysterious puzzles with hidden clues. Find the hidden objects to open the locks and doors.

Game Features

• Multiple Levels
• Unveil Hidden Objects
• Challenging Puzzles
• Hidden Clues
• Open Clues
• Mysterious Rooms
• Good Graphics
• Unlock the door
• Easy and Difficult Riddles
• Efficient Game with Low Memory
• Hints – When you are confused
• Free Coins
• Game Save Option

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