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Newborn Baby Care & Mommy Care

21 Nov 2022 Game Of The Day

Newborn Baby Care & Mommy Care


  • Newborn Baby Care & Mommy Care
  • Newborn Baby Care & Mommy Care
  • Newborn Baby Care & Mommy Care
  • Newborn Baby Care & Mommy Care
  • Newborn Baby Care & Mommy Care
  • Newborn Baby Care & Mommy Care
  • Newborn Baby Care & Mommy Care

“New Born Baby Care Game” is specially designed for kids which will keep the toddlers engaged. In this interactive game, you will enjoy lots of fun activities like babysitting, baby feeding, giving babies a bubble bath, playing with toddlers, and taking care of those little ones.

Babysitting is not a piece of cake. With the help of this entertaining and educational baby simulation, you can teach your child how to be responsible and well-behaved.

Get yourself all set for lots of fun and laughter! There’s so much to do with your cute little babies !

Hey Little one, It’s time to Wake up!
It's time to wake up a Newborn Sleepy Baby! Baby is crying, isn't it? To stop crying - All you need to do is turn off the ringing alarm, take off the blanket and change the dirty diaper. Now Baby is Happy!!!

It’s time for a Bath !
Now is the time to give your baby a good bath. Toys are a great way to keep your baby happy before bath time. Then bathe the baby with fragrant soap and shampoo, Shower the baby and gently wipe them with a towel. Enjoy popping bubbles!!!

Let’s Get Ready !
Make your baby a Stylish one! Choose from a variety of decent outfits like cute dresses, colourful T-shirts, a variety of socks and shoes, and some funky accessories for both boys and girls. Dress up your little lovely babies in cute matching outfits!!!

Yummy in Tummy!
Now it's time to feed the hungry little child. You can prepare different types of healthy food, delicious soups, creamy milk or slice some fresh fruits. Don’t forget to clean their mouth thoroughly with a tissue!!!

It’s Play Time!
Lots of exciting games are waiting for you to play. Now Explore the Game Zone including a variety of entertaining games like.
-Quack Quack Duck ( identify the colour )
-jigsaw puzzle
-Find the toys ( hidden object )
-Match the letters & numbers

Now it’s bedtime! 
To make the baby sleep, turn off the light, turn on the lullaby music, pull up the blanket, and make sure the baby is asleep.Baby is Sleeping!!!

A fun day awaits with more fun activities when you wake up with a baby again!

Parents often find that babysitting is challenging at this time. So, We created this with the intention of assisting you in overcoming these challenges.

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