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Nonsensical Adventure

Nonsensical Adventure

by AmaGame

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  • Nonsensical Adventure
  • Nonsensical Adventure

A magician’s super adventure happen in alto space,where is a strange planet. Where the physical rules were broken.Running, Jumping, even Riding have a different behavior on earth. Sometimes that brings hyper difficulty . Enjoy the adventure. 

Train your brain and action to adapt to new rules. Solve the physic puzzles in this free super adventure levels.

How to play:
★ Run or Jump to avoid obstacle
★ Open the umbrella to get a low gravity environment
★ Push down will close the umbrella or slide on the ground
★ Drop on the top of the head of bats or enemies to kill them.

Some useful strategy:
★ Away from the annoying rats and bats, they will bite you.
★ Be careful of bats with crown, it's a unlucky alert.
★ Speedy riding is dangerous, try to keep balance
★ When the umbrella is open, windmill will push you up.
★ Be smart to use the transfer point

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