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Nuts Crazy Crush

Nuts Crazy Crush

by A1Games

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  • Nuts Crazy Crush
  • Nuts Crazy Crush
  • Nuts Crazy Crush
  • Nuts Crazy Crush

A new Concept Nut Crazy Crush is simple but amazing strategic game ! Get all the nuts without being trapped.

Nut Crazy Crush is a crazy game to spend your free time. In this game There are two type of characters red and blue. Both can only walk on the tile of its own color (For Ex: red walks on red tiles only). You need to move with strategy so that you collect nuts for both the characters.

The unstoppable spreadable game! In this Nut Crazy Crush game beware of the tile colors, move them strategically and carefully, so they don't get trapped. One wrong move will make it difficult to complete the stage.

Nuts Crazy Crush is completely free to play.

Nut Crazy Crush Game Features :

* Cool Graphics
* Cute characters
* Different type of tiles to walk on
* 20 well designed stages
* Nut Crush Mania
* Nuts Crazy Crush is completely free to play
Unleash your imagination by making correct strategy to complete the stage by collecting all nuts. 

So download now Nut Crazy Crush Game. All new concept on Play Store.

Have fun playing Nuts Crazy Crush!

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