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Offline Fun Games by Moon Game

15 Feb 2024 Game Of The Day

Offline Fun Games by Moon Game

by Moon Apps

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  • Offline Fun Games by Moon Game
  • Offline Fun Games by Moon Game
  • Offline Fun Games by Moon Game
  • Offline Fun Games by Moon Game
  • Offline Fun Games by Moon Game
  • Offline Fun Games by Moon Game
  • Offline Fun Games by Moon Game
  • Offline Fun Games by Moon Game

Moon Games is a hub of different offline games that gives an extravaganza feel and adventure to your brain while you are seeking some fun and entertainment.

Dwell into the future of gaming and entertainment with Moon Games on your smartphone. Currently, we have a set of three offline games integrated into the application. All three fun games belong to different genres.

Let’s describe each of these fun games in detail.

Fruit Slice Master

Casual Game – Genre

Duration – Less than 2 Minutes

If you played Ninja Slice or fruit ninja games before, you will be easily able to learn the rules of our fruit slice master game. Here, the player has to be strategically sharp as the player needs to slice all the fruits that are quickly showing up on the screen by avoiding the bombs that will be popping up on the screen as well at the same time. It is one of the fun games for the kids as well as the adults and helps increase the concentration as well as the thought processing skills of the player.

The hand-eye coordination enhances while playing the fruit slice game on our Moon Games application. On the scoring board, the player earns one point for each fruit slice, and if the player cuts the bomb, the game ends. Slicing three or more fruits at a time makes the player win some amazing bonus points as well.


Bubble Shooter

Arcades Game – Genre

Duration – Approx 5 Minutes


Do you want to experience hours of never-ending entertainment? Are you waiting for your train or flight to arrive and need a great diversion? Bubble Shooter or Bubble pop is one of the best offline games to keep you stuck for hours into non-stop entertainment.

Enter the game and check the top cluster of bubbles.

Target the cluster and find the cannon at the bottom.

Align the cannon and release bubbles at the top by lifting your finger.

Match 3+ same-colored bubbles for scores.

Use the left-corner switch to change bubbles.

Avoid misplaced shots to prevent bubble buildup.


Car Racing

Racing Game – Genre

Duration – Approx 5 Minutes


Race car games are best to keep your mind active and competitive. With Moon Games, kids and teens can engage themselves in the exciting fun of car racing with our racing games. Playing race master on our app will bring you real racing car fun as our mobile games make the user feel the real excitement and adventure on our gaming platform.


Why Moon Games?

The app reserves low space on your device

3 in 1 Game (Enjoy different genre games in one application)

All popular games are easy to play and learn

Offline games, unlimited enjoyment even without an internet connection

Get real fun and excitement with Moon Games. Our gaming platform brings you different genres of offline games to keep your mind involved in adventurous brain activities. Download our application and start playing games without any complex mobile game procedures.

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