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Ola Around The World

31 Aug 2020 Game Of The Day

Ola Around The World

by Maysalward

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  • Ola Around The World
  • Ola Around The World
  • Ola Around The World
  • Ola Around The World
  • Ola Around The World
  • Ola Around The World
  • Ola Around The World

Take a Tour with Ola AlFares around the world to know and explore the cultures of different peoples of the world and influential figures and celebrities through Entertaining, Educational, Cultural and Social game.

Ola AlFares - or Lola - as the audience likes to call her, is An Arab Journalist works in MBC channel in Dubai and social activist.

Through this cool game, Ola wants to propose for her audience Advanced Technology enrich the Arabic Content in the Internet world.
The audience will enjoy Playing mini-games and getting cultural info about different places and habits from all over the world.

The Game is one of the unique games that has virtual reality VR and AR augmented reality technology, in addition to the game represents the aspect of personal Ola’s hobbies culture and travel.
The game is very competitive as well, where players can compete for each other by the leaderboard scores.

Advantages :
- Cool mini games.
- answering direct questions.
- Cultural information.
- Leaderboard..
-Sharing on Facebook.
- Virtual reality VR technology.
- AR augmented reality technology.

Note: to enjoy The game of Augmented Reality; The user should print the image (Target) and direct phone towards it after opening Augmented Reality AR game.

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