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Order Tap

Order Tap

by Jackjay Games

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An Amazing and Challenging Number Tapping Game Around You. Beat Your Senses. 

Fond of Numbers?? How about tapping them in order?? Sounds Fun?? 

Yeah!! Order Tap. 

An Amazing Number Tapping and Challenging Game around you, where you test, reaction of your senses. Let your Nerves be At work!! 

-- NOTE -- This game is not for those who don't want to give pain to their senses. 

So if you’re looking for some speedy, tapping and logic, this is the game for you. Play it now and get hooked on the awesomeness that is Order Tap – Tap Tap ! 

Order Tap is composed of Four Interesting Levels -- 

* Arcade -- Tap the number in grid which flashes on the screen. 
* Go Up -- Order numbers in increasing fashion by tapping them. First get the smallest number one. 
* Go Down -- Follow the decreasing order of numbers, starting from the largest one. 
* Mirror -- Tap same numbers which differ in sign, one after the other. 

Adding to the hardness level of game, we have three mode as well -- Beginner, Beat The Best and Fast Tapper Modes. 

Order Tap has a concept of PLAYOS, which represents the remaining chances/lives in your pocket. Each game play cost one PLAYOS and you need to maintain them in order to be in race. Gift icon is meant to get free PLAYOS when they are finished. Don't be too greedy!! :P 

Hurray!! We will be providing free PLAYOS on Special Days. 

This game make you more familiar with numbers and their quick perception. It will surely harmonize your senses together, specially brain, eyes, and fingers. 

So, What are you waiting for?? 
Ready To Put Your Super Skills To The Test? 

Just play it and show-off your Best Scores and challenge your friends to beat yours!!

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