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Painting With Cats

Painting With Cats

by AlikaX

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  • Painting With Cats
  • Painting With Cats

Politically frustrated or do you just want to have some pointless fun? You've come to the right place. Throw a bunch of paint loaded objects such as cats or bananas at targets like Donald or Boris and create your own Picasso. Is it pointless? Well, maybe. Fun? Definitely!


  • Including four amazing targets (seeing some familiar faces?), seven fun projectiles and three backgrounds.
  • Get creative and use yourself or your friends as target of choice in Selfie Mode.
  • Share your fun with friends - take a screen grab of your masterpiece.
  • Sick of seeing the same old faces or projectiles? Level up, we’ve got some amazing extra stuff for you.
  • Feel like you’ve done all the painting in Classic Mode - try out Glue-Master. Turns out, sticking cats or bananas onto your chosen characters is just as fun!
  • Let’s get creative and transform the targets into colour pictures and share your masterpieces with us on Instagram or Facebook.

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Check out the company behind Painting With Cats: Alika X


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