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by ZugZug

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Guide the ball to the finish line with unique drawing mechanics and a variety of great physics objects.

It'll take creativity, intelligence and a steady finger to reach the end of each carefully crafted level; are you up for the challenge?

Physdraw, at its core, is a puzzle game centred around a unique drawing mechanic. You will need to use the drawing grids and physics objects in order to collect all three stars before passing the finish line. Each level is more difficult and fun than the previous, can you solve them all? 

Key Features:
• 80 meticulously crafted and intensely fun levels to experience and complete
• Many fantastic physics objects including portals and bounce pads!
• Minimalist art aesthetic to keep your eyes pleased along your puzzling journey
• Multiple solutions to every level! What route will you take?
• Play anywhere! No wifi needed.
• Play at your own pace - No timers or energy system 
• Completely free - No in-app purchases

Physdraw is a game unlike any other available on the play store; don't waste any more time, download and play now for free!

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