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Picnic With Grand Pa

Picnic With Grand Pa

by vstudiogamingproductions

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3D , Jump , Animal
  • Picnic With Grand Pa
  • Picnic With Grand Pa
  • Picnic With Grand Pa
  • Picnic With Grand Pa
  • Picnic With Grand Pa

Well come to the virtual world of the Picnic with Grand Pa where you will be experience your childhood once again. Experience the most thrilling times of your childhood when you were in the school and the day when was a picnic day with all your family. The visits to the hill station with the snowy peaks and adventure parks.

Revisit your childhood once again with the Picnic with Grand Pa game. Experience your childhood picnic adventures with the Virtual Hill Station Picnic Adventure game. In this game you will have to go through all those Childish activities you have done as kid in your school life and as well as a on your picnic days with your Grand Father.

Game play:

There are two modes in the Picnic with Grand Pa game one is the hill station and other is a Snowy Hill peak. Both have their own set of missions and will have to clear one to unlock the other one.

For the first mission you will be getting ready for your Picnic and then leave the house with your father who will drop you to your Grand Father House and then from there you will be handed over to your Grand Pa. In the next mission you will get instructions from your father for the trip you are going on. Listen to your father vary carefully.

Afterwards you will need to get on the Grandfather truck and drive to the Hill Station. Once you reach there you will have a lot of time to enjoy yourself. You have to play HIDE & SEEK game with your Parents and other siblings along with your grandfather. You will be playing along the other kids and enjoy the picnic. No picnic is complete without food and drinks. So there will be a family lunch and you will have to gain all your strength back.

And in the end you will need to get back on grandfather SUV truck because at the hill station there is always bad weather and before its start raining you should reach home otherwise you can get cold and become ill. Enjoy this simulation only with the Picnic with Grand Pa.

Key features:

• Play as Virtual Grand Father and enjoy hill station
• Interesting holiday camping activities to play
• Smooth controls and addictive gameplay
• 3D simulation game
• On screen joystick controls to help the family to perform Adventure activities

Feel free to enjoy your childhood once again. Pickup your picnic gear and get in to the Grandfather house and ride towards the hills. Enjoy the view all around you. Drives save as the roads are narrow there and there is risk of falling of the edges of the road. But once you have reached the hill station you will see that it was place to take such tricky road in Picnic with Grand Pa.

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