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Picture The Link

04 Apr 2017 Game Of The Day

Picture The Link

by Pocket-it! Games Studio

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Frank’s eyes nearly popped out as he gasped in horror! Read on………

Frank has been hired as the security guard at a new glitzy art exhibition, with lots of distinguished guests attending the grand opening.

There are many, many walls full of beautifully painted pictures. The pictures on each wall had been carefully arranged in a specific sequence. Each picture was linked to the one before it and the one after it. You know what they say - a picture paints a thousand words! Problem is, some yahoos have sneaked in and moved the pictures around, completely ruining the sequence! 

These pictures need to be put back in the correct sequence before the opening ceremony or, sorry to say, it's goodbye Frank! 

Do you have what it takes to ‘picture the link’ and put them in the correct sequence 'cos Frank certainly doesn’t! 


•Plenty of pictures - hundreds of pictures, framed in coloured wooden frames, all hanging on walls with stunning wallpaper in 10 different galleries. First impressions - wow! 

•Tutorial - Frank knows what needs to be done...he just doesn’t know where to begin! So, here he is, guiding you along. A great way to see what you need to do.

•Picture swap transitions - choose how you want the pictures to move around the walls.

•Hints - the gallery staff wrote some notes to help them arrange the pictures in the correct sequence. So, if you get a little stuck, then just tap the 'Hint' button and select the picture that you're not sure about to see their helpful notes.

•Zoom feature - if your eyesight is anything like Frank’s (in other words, not great) and you need to see a picture in a little more detail, then just tap the 'Zoom' button and select a picture to magnify.

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