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Pixel Art Battles

Pixel Art Battles

by PixelArtBattles

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  • Pixel Art Battles

MMO drawing contest with pixel art. Paint. Compete. Vote. Explore gallery

NEW Multiplayer Online game.  

Gallery grows each day with new paintings
Every day new drawings

  *  You will buy canvases and then paint them. 
  *  You will participate in competitions and contests. 
  *  If you are successful, you can own more and bigger canvases and be in the center of the gallery. 
  *  Attack canvases you don't like. 
  *  Be the judge and decide which canvases are better then others.
  *  Vote for nicer pictures

- Drawing game
- In app you will find powerful pixel editor
- It's an online multiplayer game. Browse other players creations.
- Pixel drawing game. Use in game pixel-art editor to draw image on pixel level. Lots of tools supported. Mirrors, shapes, lines - similar to MS Paint. 
- Zoom in with fingers!
- Free and easy to use

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