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P.M Modi Toss Challenge : Made In India

P.M Modi Toss Challenge : Made In India

by Capermint Technologies

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  • P.M Modi Toss Challenge : Made In India
  • P.M Modi Toss Challenge : Made In India
  • P.M Modi Toss Challenge : Made In India

Modi Toss Challenge Game is a challenging skill game in which your goal is to toss and catch the characters as high as you can by tossing them up in the air and catching in the next higher basket. You probably remember this old, classic and addictive PC game from your childhood, now you can play it on your phone too! Improve your precision and concentration while having fun with the best tossing game on the market.

This game is first and foremost a challenging type of game which will require a great deal of concentration to master! Don't expect to achieve the best high scores on your first few sessions... unless you're some kind of professional tosser. ;-)


Toss the characters by tapping anywhere on the screen and catch them in the next basket. This is a timing game: toss the characters at the right time, right place! You have four lives to cross as many baskets as you can to make your best score. This is a game that will require concentration, skill and good aim to score as high as you can.

Features of P.M Modi Toss Challenge Game:

• The Endless and fun game that never gets old: get nostalgic by playing it, the best time killer from your childhood.
• Catch the characters in as many baskets as you can and beat your friends’ best score!
• Unlock new characters with the total points collected.
• 3-Themes integrated with beautiful graphics and relaxing sounds that will help you with your concentration.
• Share and compete with your friends’ / family to have more fun and compare your skills.

How far can you get? Enjoy the challenge.

Design & Developed by Capermint Technologies.

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