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Police Car Street Racing Sim

Police Car Street Racing Sim

by Cipher Coders

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  • Police Car Street Racing Sim
  • Police Car Street Racing Sim
  • Police Car Street Racing Sim
  • Police Car Street Racing Sim
  • Police Car Street Racing Sim

Get ready for new Police Adventure where you play as Street Car Racer and win the race while driving your favorite police car on city tracks. You become best police car racer and enjoy your ride by playing this police racing game. Beat your time lap and become racing king in the racing world. Burn your car tyre and perform thrilling stunts on dangerous sharp turns. Drive your favorite car and win the race while showing your driving skills in this Police Car Street Racing Sim. The blazing nitro power of car with airspeed on impossible tracks fascinates the stunt lovers

Improve your car driving skills by playing this racing game and perform devastating acts while driving your favorite police car. Police Car Street Racing Sim is especially designed for the police stunt racing games lovers and speed car game fans. Here you can choose your favorite police nitro cars. 3D environment of grand City with zigzag tracks and strange camera angles made this game addictive. Police car Street racing simulation contains Special vicious tracks mania with bulk of deadliest obstacle that is daring your Sports cars. Performing stunts on city racing track is not an easy task, your luxury turbo car will be damage if you collide with the hurdles.


Police Car Street Racing Sim is Police racing game with blasting gameplay where you play as police car Racer and Win the race by playing this racing simulation. This racing simulation contains the breathtaking and fascinated missions to play. You have beautiful police car garage environment, where you choose your favorite speed car and burn your police car tyre with the help of blasting car driving skills. Slippery tracks with bulk of world dangerous obstacles made this game impossible. 

In each mission, the number of collider increases gradually and the game mission become more fascinated. There is another twist in the game. You drive police cars and your rivals are also city cops. They can hit you and beat you while playing this thrilling game. Police will chase you and try to be busted. Use nitro power carefully, your turbo speed will cause any serious disaster for rival player. Beware from city cops and enjoy your lightning speed with your favorite car racing.

Show your incredible and angst stunt to fascinate the people and get more score in this Street Car police Simulation. You can easily unlock the other police sports cars and experience the racing world with the help of your driving skills. Police Car Street Racing sim is specially designed for all speed lovers and police racing games fans. Beat your rival time and become best car racer in racing world. Avoid the city police and move like a shadow in the grand city with the help of your favorite super speed car racing techniques.

Key Features:

• Play as Police car racer and win the race
• Beat your Rival time and feel the speed
• Select your favorite police nitro cars for stunts. 
• Best camera angles and lovely city environment.
• Beware from Police and move like a shadow
• Smooth controls and addictive game play.

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