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Police Dog Crime Escape 3D

Police Dog Crime Escape 3D

by Witty Gamerz

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3D , Animal , Hero
  • Police Dog Crime Escape 3D
  • Police Dog Crime Escape 3D
  • Police Dog Crime Escape 3D
  • Police Dog Crime Escape 3D
  • Police Dog Crime Escape 3D

If you are fond of police dog games then join the best police dog squad in police dog simulation game with crime chase concept. In crime police dog chase the NY city police department is using best trained dogs for airport crime chase. Play and enjoy Police Dog Crime Escape 3D which is best in crime escape games. Missions of police chasing criminals with multiple locations such as Police dog subway and police dog airport with trained police dogs in NY cop arrest the gangster game. Police dog games 2018 were never been such thrilling. Complete your police dog criminal mission and unlock faster and trained dog for crime patrol and crime chase in metropolis city in police dog 3d with crime chase. This police dog in one of the brand new police chase games thrill to become a daring sniffing and hunting dog.

Gameplay of Police Dog Games:

Start search operation near subway station, airport and other locations in this action simulator with police dog. Crime takes place at such places and you have been appointed to secure the subway station from criminals, thugs, robbers and thieves. A trained and professional police dog has to complete all criminal and crime chase mission. Patrol around the town with your city police dog and catch the thugs and thieves in police dog games 2018. Flash those sharp teeth to scare them into complying! Stick to your partner in crime’s side and together those crime thugs and gangster should not stand a chance. Chase them until they give out with this simulator game. Dog airport crime chase and police dog subway criminal chase with trained German shepherd dog is here with the twist of police dog car hunting games 3d. Police dog’s training will make your cop dog more accurate to its target in dog training game.

Assist the police officer and other cop individuals to trace, chase the gangsters and criminals with police dog car games. Police dog 3d real crime chase is a thrilling action game where you play as K9 dog to chase and catch criminals and robbers. Playing as police dog is interesting when you sniff around, chase criminals and pounce or jump on them. In Police Dog Crime Escape 3D, secure the city, local airport and subway station with high security. Help your partner police cop to catch criminals and control crime rate in New York City. Don’t let any gangster or thug sneak in with weapons or illegal stuff in police dog games. In police chase games, pick your favorite police dog breed including german shepherd and rottweiler and chase down all law offenders. Enjoy different crime chase scenes which are unseen in other police dog chase games with your police dog 3d.

Features of Police Dog Crime Escape 3D:

✪ Different environments for police dog criminal mission.
✪ Various breeds of security police dog including, trained german shepherd dog, K9 & rottweiler.
✪ Sniff, Identify and chase criminals & robbers.
✪ Cop dog training session tutorials in police dog car games.
✪ Realistic police dog for crime chase in police escape games.
✪ Superb 3D visuals & HD graphics.

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