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Preschool Kids Learning Game

22 Feb 2017 Game Of The Day

Preschool Kids Learning Game

by Potenza Global Solutions

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  • Preschool Kids Learning Game
  • Preschool Kids Learning Game
  • Preschool Kids Learning Game
  • Preschool Kids Learning Game
  • Preschool Kids Learning Game

The smart education technique- edutainment that’s coined for the preschool kids is buzzing in the education industry where excellent games are designed that helps toddlers in gaining fundamental skills and get trained in maths of first grade. Smart Kido'z 2- the Preschool Kids Learning Free Game is also crafted to serve the same educational purpose.

The game includes 15 puzzles which parents can customize to allow the kids play certain puzzles to sharpen the specific skills such as English alphabets recognition, shapes identification, numbers finding, sequence creation and pretty more. To solve the puzzle, the kids have to paint the alphabets, shapes, objects, numbers or fruits digitally. 

All the puzzles are unique in themselves with no repetition in terms of concept, color, graphics, animation or design. The game encourages kids to learn and tap the potential to fullest alongside full entertainment won’t pop-up any advertisement during the gameplay. 

What are the skills the education game is helping the kids to hone? Take a quick glance at them:

- Identification of the English alphabets right from A to Z
- Shape recognition from the set of shapes displayed
- Singling out and painting the number among the numbers shown
- Learn about the different objects by marking them according to their functions
- Ability to differentiate the fruits from the objects
- Create a sequence by finding the next number, shape or alphabet in the series
- Garner sides’ knowledge by digitally painting left and right sides
- Make them learn to count with shapes counting
- Develop the talent to figure out facial expressions
- Improve color identification skill by asking the kids to paint various objects with colors
- Motivates the kids to learn and play the game by offering digital stickers as a reward at different levels of the game

How do you find the game? Exciting enough to make your children learn through gameplay? If so, don’t hang fire to download the Smart Kido'z 2 - Preschool Kids Learning Free Game.

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