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Real Fidget Spinner GO

Real Fidget Spinner GO

by Rizwan Ali

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  • Real Fidget Spinner GO
  • Real Fidget Spinner GO
  • Real Fidget Spinner GO

Here is the most easy fidget spinner game right in your pocket! Spin the fidget with swipes available and spin it at the maximum. Wait for the GO Fidget Sniper to stop and then swipe it with your fullest to earn the points.
With each spin unlock new levels for the game. 

Upgrade your finger spinner & Compete with your friends by challenging them and beat records for fun. Up till now you would have seen these finger spinners on streets, in the hands of your friends and in video, but now is the chance to feel the spinster finger spinning in your hands with full speed to earn points. Fidget spinner is a stress release which comes with the following features:

Game Features:
· Realistic simulator with spinning physics
· Sweep long or short 
· Points to unlock further levels

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