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Real Surgical Strike Attack

Real Surgical Strike Attack

by Hatcom Top

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  • Real Surgical Strike Attack

Real Surgical Strike Attack War Game gives a chance to every patriot to Defense of your country. Defense of your country is the first and foremost thing we are concerned about, you would also have the same dream and it’s our duty to stand for the protection of our homeland, Save your Motherland, being in Navy Surgical Striker takes you on thrilling combat army commando fighting like never before in any sniper chopper games. The homeland, our motherland Re-unite against the invaders, if any terrorist or any neighbor thinks to harm our territory we are all prepared. Grab your Sniper guns on this important Day; day when your country calling you for. Show the world what you have got. Passion and enthusiasm is your base to play Real Surgical Strike Attack. Take the command on radar and switch to the patriotic songs, mili naghmay energies boost up your moral. Real Surgical Strike Attack warfare shooting games Have a critical strike at your enemies & keep your allies in the gold battleship safe from the enemy attacks. Real Surgical Strike Attack easy to play but very challenging to compete and win. Commando Surgical Strike War is not like a world war game or a naval warfare game but it’s a kind of Strategy military war attack

How to Play:
• Touch & Swipe the screen anywhere to move your weapon left, right, up or down.
• set aim on terrorist enemy and fire.
• Shoot them as more as you can.

Key Features Real Surgical Strike Attack:
• Incredibly real 3 environments.
• Highly customized controls.
• Endless game play.
• Real to life sounds to engage you.
• Multiple Weapons.
• Enemy excellent AI (Artificial Intelligence).
• Beautiful real environment.
• Smoothly Control of Game play.
• Ever best First Person Shooting Game.
• weaponize your chopper with a variety of massive weapons and scientific fret equipment
• Complete addictive missions with inspired real-life conflicts and combats.
• Have a real feeling of thrilling skies across intense fps crossfire.

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