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Rescue Bearded Archery Game

Rescue Bearded Archery Game

by bluestargame

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  • Rescue Bearded Archery Game
  • Rescue Bearded Archery Game
  • Rescue Bearded Archery Game
  • Rescue Bearded Archery Game

Brave archers, we need your help!
Trouble occurred in our kingdom, some evil villains, the beard hanging on the gallows. They suffer and suffocate. Can be heard from around the country to help the cry, but no one dared to come to the rescue. Only your bow and arrow help unarmed people! Take the arrow directly at the rope and release the rope.
Great to keep it! You have just saved a painful death of the inhabitants. Do not stop, there are still many innocent lives need to be saved, only you can help them!
Excellent strategy game for those who are not afraid of the difficulty. You need to shoot the bow and save the life. The difficulty is that the goal is not always the same, it can be located away from you, but time is not that much. You have a limited number of arrows, but time is not always around you, man in the gallows pants, you need to break the rope as soon as possible! Do not rush, shoot accurately, or you can harm a person, he died prematurely.
This is not just a game, the shooter's simulator. Great for those who want to learn to shoot bows and arrows. As for those who want to save lives. People on the gallows pants and prayers for your help and help them!
In this game, you will have more and wisdom to save lives. More than 50 fun levels, pleasant music, beautiful bows, more waiting for you, do not miss!

How to play:
Touch the screen, pull the finger in the hands, in order to pull the bowstring, aim the rope. Your goal is to save all the pending ones. Arrow and the amount of time is limited, do not hesitate and accurate shooting!

★ Support Tablet PC
★ A great strategy game
★ shooter simulator
★ More than 50 exciting levels
★ Happy music
★ beautiful bow and arrow
★ effective delivery time
★ the reality of the game physics and dynamics

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