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RGB Runner

RGB Runner

by Gianluca Spadazzi

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RGB Runner is a simple 3D endless runner game in first person, where you'll run through a world made by red, green and blue blocks that you'll need to hit or avoid. Compete with your friends! Who will do the best score?
Challenge them in the two games mode: classic mode and survival mode!

Classic mode
When the sky is grey you can hit any block but you won't score points.
When the sky color is red, green or blue you need to hit blocks of the same color of the sky to collect points,and if you hit a block of another color you'll lose.
The sky will alternate grey and red, green or blue colors.
You'll run automatically at a speed that will increase with the time.
You can move pressing in the right and left buttons area.
While running you can collect some powerups (the small rotating cubes):
+White cube: shield (not comulable)
+Orange cube: speed up for 5 seconds
+Yellow cube: speed down for 5 seconds
+Cyan cube: gain 3 points
Survival mode
Like the previous one but you'll only need to avoid all blocks to survive as much time as you can. The sky color will remain always grey.

-full support to google play games with two leaderboards (for classic mode and survival mode) and achievements
-cloud save of the highscores if connected to google play games

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