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Robotic Family Fun Simulator

Robotic Family Fun Simulator

by Trillion Games

  • Robotic Family Fun Simulator
  • Robotic Family Fun Simulator
  • Robotic Family Fun Simulator
  • Robotic Family Fun Simulator

Welcome to the futuristic family of robots that lives in the human territory in Robotic Family Fun Simulator. 

Play the role of virtual robots in human area and adopt the way of human living in Robotic Family Fun Simulator. Fabulous task to play in this virtual robotic game like, invite human neighbors for the lunch using your smart phone. Cook delicious food for the guests. Help the road cleaner by picking up the van with your robotic power so that he can easily clean the area. 

Interesting task and exciting game play made this Robotic Family Fun Simulator addictive. Receive your guests and give them a warm welcome like the humans. Search the purse of your virtual robot wife that is lost somewhere in the house. Celebrate the birthday party of your robot kid, and give him a lovely gift. Drive your luxury van and drop your virtual robot girl to the City School. 

Take your robot kids to the park and walk in the park as well. Drive your van towards the shopping mall for shopping. Complete all the things that are listed on the shopping list like, water bottles, chips, chocolates and fruits etc. Pick up your robot girl from the school on time otherwise you will lose the game. Move towards home and give toys to your robot kid for playing. Go outside of the robot home and watering the plants. Recharge the battery of your wife and much more task to play.

Robotic Family Fun Simulator Key Features:

• Play the role of robot family in human territory.
• Manage the house hold tasks of robot family home.
• Interesting and exciting tasks to play. 
• Awesome environment of shopping mall and robot house.
• Drive your luxury van in the grand city. 

If you love the family games than grab your favorite Robotic Family Fun Simulator and play the role of virtual robot family in human area. Lot of interesting robotic family task to perform. Complete each levels with in time so that you can get more points.

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