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Robotic Polar Bear Vs Ugly Monsters

Robotic Polar Bear Vs Ugly Monsters

by blash wick

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Play , 3D , Animal
  • Robotic Polar Bear Vs Ugly Monsters
  • Robotic Polar Bear Vs Ugly Monsters
  • Robotic Polar Bear Vs Ugly Monsters
  • Robotic Polar Bear Vs Ugly Monsters
  • Robotic Polar Bear Vs Ugly Monsters

Opppsss! What kind of creatures that is? Where are they coming from? These mythic monsters never been discovered on the earth planet, something is done unpleasant in the tropical forest, arctic, and in the desert area. 

Welcome in the Robotic Polar Bear Vs Ugly Monsters adventure simulation, where you are going to play as a robotic Polar bear to explore undiscoverable things and ugly creatures. You have to mess with dangerous monsters that are holding super powers to destroy the enemies and the jungle biome. 

Games Features: 

• Mythic Simulator

Play as a brave robotic Polar Bear in this Robotic Polar Bear Vs Ugly Monsters adventure simulator, discovers the wild monsters that comes from the others planets. Amazing tasks and fight with the prey monsters to make peace in ecosystem of jungle, desert and the arctic area. 

• Unique Deadly Monsters

Massive collections of wild ugly monsters like, fire-spewing dragon with barb tale, big fat giant with cudgel, Armored Skeleton with shield and epic sword, human lion with scorpion tale, stones monster, Dead body, legendry dead fighters with steel axe etc. 
• Fascinated Battles

Use your heavy claws and your powerful jaws attack to hunt down your rival. Each ugly monsters having their own fighting attack and weapons to fight with you. Beware from the vigilant monsters and their reckless attacks by playing this robotic polar bear simulator. 

• Three Amazing Environments

The robotic polar bear can explore the three huge environments like, desert, dark forest, and the arctic snow area. Beautiful mountains of these environments inspire you to explore the wild nature that made this game addictive.

• Level Up Your Robotic Polar Bear

You can gain new experiences by hunting down your opponent brutal monsters, show your fighting skills to save the biome. You can easily unlock the other powerful robotic bear by just making more scores in this simulation.

• Raise Your Family and Achievements

You have to find up your mate in the wild jungle, also raise your virtual polar bear family with new small robotic bear. Hunt with your family to fall down your rival monsters. Survive in the wild areas and protect your family from the ugly creatures.

• Survival Tips and Map

Survival and mission’s tips provided to you that helps you while playing the Robotic Polar Bear Vs Ugly Monsters adventure simulator. Watch the ugly creatures on the map find and defeat them as soon as possible. 

• 3D Graphics and Sound Effects

Beautiful 3D graphics made you to enjoy the beauty of the nature and amazing sounds effects made this game to the best wild game

Get ready to enjoy the most incredible simulation like Robotic Polar Bear Vs Ugly Monsters. Where you are going to explore the undiscoverable places and messing with the dangerous creatures like, fire-spewing Dragon, Big Fat Giant, Armored Skeleton, Human Lion, Stones Monster, and Dead Bodies etc. just grab your favorite robotic polar bear and made battle against the dirty creatures.

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