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Rooftop Bike Rider Stunts 2k18

Rooftop Bike Rider Stunts 2k18

by Cipher Coders

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3D , Runner , Race
  • Rooftop Bike Rider Stunts 2k18
  • Rooftop Bike Rider Stunts 2k18
  • Rooftop Bike Rider Stunts 2k18
  • Rooftop Bike Rider Stunts 2k18

Do you love Moto bike games? Here you can perform bike stunts as a real gangster on the city Rooftop. Welcome to the Rooftop Bike Rider Stunts 2k18 where different roles will be assigned to you which you need to perform perfectly. In rooftop stunts there are off road tracks that are dangerous to climb. You can do big jumps, mid-air ramps on modern city tracks and collect rings to get more points by playing this stunts game. Choose your favorite super gangster and enjoy to ride a Moto bike as well as perform different tasks like collecting the briefcase on dangerous skyscraper in Vice City.

Rooftop Bike Rider Stunts 2k18 is about showing some furious rooftop shadow stunt while enjoying real bike physics on vast city roads. Tight your seat belt and speed through dangerous rooftop tracks. Ride Moto bike on ramps to jump over building’s rooftops and reach the final check point. It is very difficult to show bike stunts on vast roads and highway with heavy traffic if you have spirit for doing something crazy bike stunts. Explore the 3D city environment from top sky and take friend from one destination to other with high epic jumps on giant city ramps.


Rooftop Bike Rider Stunts 2k18 is exciting game with action gameplay where you play as gangster to ride motor bike and perform different stunts on different buildings ramps as well as grand city ramps. Prepare yourself for high stunts and show speedy bikes stunt skills on highway with big traffic. This mega rooftop stunts pack consist of Super Gangsters with three outstanding sports bikes for super stunts. There are many dangerous tasks in off-road and road with sharp traffic so be careful with your driving while taking valuable briefcase as well as taking lovely friend on these environments. Ride on the rooftop ramps, clear the levels and get points by collecting rings. Get unique and thrilling driving experience on grand city by performing crazy stunts on ramps with super fastest sports bikes. Beware from time rivals otherwise you will lose the mission. Get into your favorite bike, take control of steering and don’t lose your balance while performing these deadly stunts. Dare to live life on the edge for an amazing stunt drift riding adventure on grand city roads and prove that you are the real gangster biker. You will master the driving skills while handling powerful bikes. There are many challenges and thrilling missions are waiting. 3D graphics and stunt arena made this game to the rooftop ramps city game of the 2k18.

Rooftop Bike Rider Stunts 2k18 Key Features:

• Play as gangster bike rider and perform different tasks
• Choose your favorite city gangster and motorbike
• Enjoyable and exciting missions with vice city environment
• Good quality sounds with smooth controls
• Challenging levels and jump over building’s rooftops
• Take the lovely friends and treasured briefcase 
• Stunning HD graphic with 3D camera views
• Beware from time rival so be as fast as possible

In Rooftop Bike Rider Stunts 2k18 is endless driving challenge, in levels mode the rooftop tracks high up in the sky make it thrilling for crazy bike rider. These 3D city environment as well as amazing high buildings is especially designed for the all bikes drifting games lovers and rooftop ramps stunts fans. Extreme Rooftop Rider Simulator is motorbike riding game in which Moto bike driver will show stunt in thrilling rooftop and road riding missions. Get ready for the coolest ride of your life of being a Super Gangster. Be a legend top stunts rider in this epic rooftop stunts game of 2k

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