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Round Ways

08 Jul 2018 Game Of The Day

Round Ways

by Karton Robot

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3D , Brain , Car
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  • Round Ways
  • Round Ways
  • Round Ways
  • Round Ways
  • Round Ways
  • Round Ways

Oscar worthy story... 
Challenging levels…
And remarkable graphics…

That will fry your brain! 

Young alien pilot Roundy is sent to Earth to abduct cars, but his mission is confidential and Roundy has no idea why he has to abduct cars. 

Along with Roundy, you will uncover the truth about these mysterious car abductions as the story unveils.

Round Ways is a unique fast paced puzzle game with remarkable graphics. Your goal is to abduct cars by creating a convoy (or caravan) of cars without letting them crash.

- 3 chapters with 85+ high replayability levels
- 7 secondary objective type (ambulance, max tap, police/thief, pizza delivery...)
- 21 different themed environment made in sweet graphics
- 24 cars (18 playable, 6 special)
- Cool power-ups
- Story progress shown by painted illustrations

Round Ways took 2 years to create and with the feedback we had from game conventions and other influential people, we worked on it until it was “brain frying” good.

Every level is another traffic mess to solve!

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