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Sapphire Pyramid

26 Apr 2017 Game Of The Day

Sapphire Pyramid

by Gemstones Apps

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  • Sapphire Pyramid

With Sapphire Pyramid you can train your mind while having fun getting sapphires.

You just have to complete the pyramid using the available numbers by adding and subtracting them to win as many sapphires as you can!

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- What is Sapphire Pyramid?
Sapphire Pyramid is an addictive, amusing, and easy to play game of mental calculations. Is a casual game (like Sudoku, a crossword, an alphabet soup, 2048, etc) Inspired in a maths game where you have to complete a pyramid formed by related numbers.

- How to complete the pyramid?
To complete the pyramid you have to calculate the missing numbers in the empty cells with the available numbers.

- How to calculate the numbers in the pyramid?
To play Sapphire Pyramid you just need to know that by adding two adjacent numbers you can get the number that is over them.

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