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Satisfying Stress Relief games

30 May 2023 Game Of The Day

Satisfying Stress Relief games

by creative spartans

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  • Satisfying Stress Relief games
  • Satisfying Stress Relief games
  • Satisfying Stress Relief games
  • Satisfying Stress Relief games
  • Satisfying Stress Relief games
  • Satisfying Stress Relief games

Satisfy your eyes & frustrated angry brain who had been sick and tired at home all the time with this oddly satisfying surprising series of games with easy & relaxing visuals! Try these most satisfying ASMR trigger based games with the best haptic feedback if you like to stack colors organize & tidy things up that will relax & satisfy your eyes with its smooth addictive game play following series of satisfying tasks including


Bubble Tea with Sweet Satisfaction:

Enjoy the ice blended Taiwanese popping bubbly boba drink shaken well with ice! Put in the bubbles add water to make them bigger turn them into chewy tapioca balls, add milk & blend it. Top it with cream & serve the ice blended frozen bubble tea just like slushy to the client for sweet satisfaction. Have your satisfaction with super fun addicting bubble tea simulator.


Satisfying ASMR Slicing Sand & everyday objects as cakes:

Forget soap cutting & enjoy ASMR slicing of kinetic sand & everyday object as cakes. Cut, slice & dice these everyday objects that look like cakes & sand sculptures using 1000 degree knife. Swipe to cut slice & dice into ASMR slices, Just press the knife & feel the device vibrate so nicely & smoothly that you will feel like cutting it in real. The best slicing simulator with smooth haptic feedback.


Stack Satisfying Pixel Cube Roller:

Love to fix the item & break them all? Drag pixel roller, stack colors & lay pixels in the right way that are messed all around! Once all the pixel cubes are in order crush cubes by tapping them with finger, make them see smashing, crushing & break'em all with real nice & soft vibrations for some amazing ASMR triggers.


Massage The Slime Man:

Massage the tired man for ultimate relaxation. Trust me his back is just like slime simulator. You will feel like pressing, poking a slime while massaging him. Why not give it a try & try not to say wow!


Idle Factory Conveyor Belt Sort Sport:

Enjoy this sort sport & Collect the rotten items from the conveyor belt of the factory. Collect all the right items in the right time to finish. Oddly satisfying process for fun!


Match 3D Item – Matching Puzzle with tricky brain test:

test your brain & Match similar 3d objects in given time! Simple yet challenging game for all groups. Match various pairs of well polished & perfectly designed objects in time. The best matching puzzle with simplicity & smoothness is here.


Perfect Fit it 3D:

Perfect Fit for the right place. Fit'em all with smooth press ! Insert the metal pieces that will fit perfectly into the metal block. Press the piece when it is at the right place & fit shapes. When it is fitting inside your device will vibrate slowly gently with its haptic sensors for an ASMR trigger & it will be done so smoothly that you wont be able to resist not saying Wow.


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