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Save Christmas!

21 Dec 2017 Game Of The Day

Save Christmas!

by Valiprod

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  • Save Christmas!
  • Save Christmas!

Already feel nostalgic for the Christmas season? Then play the fun Save Christmas game! 

Save Jenny’s Christmas and grab as many presents as you can! 

Once upon a time on a Christmas Eve, there was a little girl called Jenny who was so excited about her Christmas presents that she couldn’t fall asleep no matter how hard she tried! So the curious girl went downstairs to check of Santa Claus has already stopped by her house.

Running down the stairs, Jenny stopped to look out of the window for it was a beautiful starry night. She saw the neighbor’s garden beautifully decorated with figurines of Santa’s elves, reindeer (even Rudolph), Christmas ornaments and covered in the snow that was shining bright in the moonlight. She was enjoying the breathtaking sight when suddenly Jenny heard a noise coming from the living room! 

Jenny heard the stories of the nightmare before Christmas but she took a deep breath and went down the last flight of stairs only to see a Grinch stealing all the presents right from the Christmas tree! But Jennet was brave and she decided to fight off the mean Grinch and to protect her gifts!

Help Jenny save as many presents as possible until the timer runs out and hit a high score!

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