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Design Nominees

02 Jul 2016 Game Of The Day


by ReApption

  • SawDust
  • SawDust

I came, I sawed, I cut wood for a high score. A high score so revered that you can rub it in their faces.

In this little casual game you get to play as Sunshine the buzz saw. I know right? It's as if he looks like the sun.
Drag him around and cut as much wood as you can before a mine blows you up. Yes, the place is loaded with mines. The more wood you cut, the faster things get. You won't keep up for long but that's the point. You're going to lose. But will you lose with dignity? Will you get a score so large that no one can catch up?

Whether you're on the toilet, the bus, or in class, SawDust is the game for you. 
Not the best one, but a game nonetheless. Enjoy it, life's short. So go ahead show us your best score.

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