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Scooter VS Mafia

Scooter VS Mafia

by Ceress Jay

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  • Scooter VS Mafia

Do you like action games full of explosions?

A team of hackers, called "hackers on scooter", are wanted by the mafia.
These hackers managed to lock up mafia leaders in jail thanks to confidential documents.
These leaders have given order from their prison to eliminate these hackers at any cost.
Take care of yourself on the road ... because you are part of these hackers on a scooter!

You're on a scooter on the road and the goal is to survive against the mafia who do not like you.
As time passes, the difficulty increases.
You have your gun to eliminate some of them.
But be careful of the traffic and the different obstacles.

Achieve the highest score to be the best in the world ranking.

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