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Score Zero

Score Zero

by Mr.unpredictable

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"If you were looking for a super-challenging game then you have found it: "Score Zero"
This game will test out your reflexes and your patience at the same time. We warn you it's easy to start but hard to leave (even more than winning it!)

Main objective: All you gotta do is to tap on the screen whenever the "selected next colour" (it's delimited by the colour of the central numbers) passes through the downside arrow. If you didn't match the arrow with the central numbers' colour, you lose.

Tips to remember:
- The arrow doesn't move, the roulette does!
- Everytime you matched a colour it will start rotating in opposite direction.
- Seeing the roulette's colour pattern before starting is a good idea.
- You can't wait too much; since it"s about FAST reflexes, if the roulette finishes a complete turn before you matched a colour, you lose.
- Match a colour, get a lower score; that is it! The lower the better.

Good luck! "

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