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Shield Color

01 Jul 2016 Game Of The Day

Shield Color

by Adham Abdalgani

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Shield color is a 2D Arcade game and playable for all ages, even if your kid under 13 or bigger. Shield color designed and made to be simple and easy to play and understand the game and the levels, and we made sure to make and keep the game fun and challenges, So we have design the game with multiple game modes such as mode for the levels game area, mode for “score challenges”, Colored Game mode and Shapes game mode, etch one of these game modes is different than the other.

So in the center of the game area there are a big circle witch this is the circle that the player must defense it with the shield color and must choose the correct color to change the shield color and Protect the big circle because if you choose the wrong color or miss any behind then the game over will show and will loss the round.


Game features:

4 game modes
Over 250 levels
Simple system of controls
High score

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