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Shooting Games with Gun

Shooting Games with Gun

by Dlux Soft

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  • Shooting Games with Gun
  • Shooting Games with Gun

Sniper Gang star Shooter is an ultimate Gang War Shooting Game with Police Prison Chase & Free Drive in Crime City. Play as a Thug Gangster & Do some crazy mission with car theft & lots of gangster’s action. California crime rate is getting out of hands of the city police department & Grand gang wars are now becoming part of daily routine which is spreading to Jail as well. Join the criminal world in the streets of San Andrea & low life scum areas. Commando Shooting Games prison escape was quite a tough job but you had to break it. Win the never ending warfare with the cops to take over your position among thugs, gangsters & sniper games 3d 2018. Rush & Explore the crime city for any golden opportunity to beat the city cops in the public and kill them all. There is a new gangster in town to help you win the war from Santa Monica. Find him to equip yourself with weapon, power up gun and tools to steal autos. Shoot all your enemies before they start shooting you. It’s Hard to buy you can do it! Rush to the streets to steal cars and enjoy thug life!

Once the sin city you ruled is now turning into a peaceful Crime sniper Shooter. There are crooked cops, police men and warden all over the area to protect the public from street shooting games with gun and gangster thefts. The ruthless killing is no more to be seen. Now that you have escaped from the prison, take over your duty to turn the city back to darkness. Take over the city by stealing motor vehicles, pushing drug, carrying out grand theft missions, destroying cars, gambling, initiating wars, racing through the streets, attack or shooting games 2018 down security police forces, evading cops and spreading the crime as much as you can. Survive this extreme war between cops vs. robbers. Live the life of a realistic gangster story with a great deal of terror for the police officers. Crime rate should reach to the highest level. Rush, Crash & Crush anyone that comes your way to dodge the police car chase.

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