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22 Jul 2016 Game Of The Day


by DC Creation Studios

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Draw cards, spell words, and earn points! Shuzzler is about spelling words that meet certain conditions provided by cards. For example, spell words with exactly four letters, words that start with the letter "s", or words for types of fruit, US states, or sports. If you spell all of the words for a card, you earn it and are awarded the card's point value in addition to the points you gained from spelling the words.

Key features:
- single player or local PvP multiplayer
- fast-paced timed games
- 32 levels featuring 200 unique cards
- 60 category cards (e.g. colors, sports, fruits, US states, etc.)
- Submit words by selecting letter tiles or swiping (i.e. click and dragging to connect adjacent tiles). Bonus points for swipe submissions
- post-game statistics

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