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Slap Hands (1 or 2 Player)

23 Sep 2016 Game Of The Day

Slap Hands (1 or 2 Player)

by Vorbies

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  • Slap Hands (1 or 2 Player)
  • Slap Hands (1 or 2 Player)
  • Slap Hands (1 or 2 Player)
  • Slap Hands (1 or 2 Player)

Slap hands also known as Hot Hands, Red Hand, Tap Hand or Double Hand is a classic board/kids game which requires 2 players. This simple game can practice your reflexes. suitable to play for all ages.

Even though this game is a two-player game, But this game can be played by one player (player vs AI) if you can not find an opponent to play.


- Choose Single Player (Player vs AI) or Multi Player (Player vs Player)
- Select a hand to be played
- Choose who to attack first (Attacker and Defender)
- Once the game starts, one player is the attacker and the other is the defender
- The attacker slaps by tapping once and the defender retreats by tapping at the right time
- If the defender reterat three times but attacker dont slap. defender will incur a penalty
- if the attacker slapping but at the right time defender dodge. the position of the attacker and defender will swap.
- the game ends when one player gets 12 scores and be winner.


- Single Player (Player vs AI)
- Multi Player (Player vs Player)
- 40+ Hands
- Switch Attack First
- Choose Hand
- regular updates

challenge your friends or play with AI. slap they hands without any hurts!!

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