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Slap Hands- Red Handed Pro

Slap Hands- Red Handed Pro

by World of Web

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  • Slap Hands- Red Handed Pro
  • Slap Hands- Red Handed Pro
  • Slap Hands- Red Handed Pro
  • Slap Hands- Red Handed Pro

Slap the Hands of your opponents to score in this amazing 2 player game.
Slap Hands- Red Handed Pro is one of the most unique two player games. Slap the hand of your opponent the most number of times to win. Quickly save your hands from being slapped by pulling it before being hit.
Slap hands to score the maximum points and win. Two players can play on the same device.
Play with your Best Friends and Enjoy this Red Handed Affair.
Your hands are bound to get Red in the action. Play with your red hands and emerge victorious. This is definitely one of the best hand games you will ever play. Use your hands wisely and experience some awesome hand slapping action. Experience one hand gaming. Slap Hands- Red Handed Pro is easy to play but very hard to master.
Play multiple games to be the Undisputable Hand Slapping Champion. This game makes you face a tapping challenge. You need to tap as fast as possible to either hit or save your hand from getting hit.
You and your opponent would take turns to have a go at slapping the hands of one another. Slap Hands- Red Handed Pro is one of the best fun games you’ll ever play. Download and Play this awesome funny game and enjoy with your best buddies.
A fun game to play anytime with your friends. This is one of the latest reaction games that would love playing. Use your reflexes to hit your opponent’s hands before he/she evades the hit. Use the same to dodge your opponent’s hit. Be a fast reactor and save your hands from getting hit multiple times.
How to Play:
- 2-player game
- One player is the Attacker and the other is the Defender
- Attacking player slaps the hands of the Defending player
- Defending player tries to save his/hand from being slapped by dodging
- Each successful hit gets 1 point
- Attacking turn passes to the defending player if the hit is dodged
- Player with the highest hit wins when time runs out

There are different modes and different types of hands to choose from. Play with a Robotic hand or get the hand of a zombie. Use the perfect hands to get your perfect winning score. The continuous hitting can make you end up with red hands. This game is a two-handed affair. 2-player games have never been this good.
Slap Hands- Red Handed Pro is one of the best games for two players. Make sure you get the winning hand. You can either be left-handed or right-handed, it doesn’t matter. You just need to get the red hit to win the game.
Experience fun gaming every time you play. This is the best in 1 v 1 games. The best in tapping games. You just need to be a fast reactor to win the game. Get the upper hand over your opponent to win the game.
The real game is between the Attackers and the Defenders. Be careful of your hand throw while attacking. If you know how to arm wrestle, you would also understand the balance of this game. It is one of the best switch games, where you need to get your timing right. Get ready some cool finger tapping action.
The game is better than any of the arm wrestle games. Use either your right fist or left fist to hit your opponents. Slap Hands- Red Handed Pro is one of the totally awesome 1 v 1 games. This is just a uniquely amazing game to play.
Get your tap score right and become the best hand slapper.
Download & Play now to experience awesome hand slapping action.

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