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Slime Evolution

05 Mar 2022 Game Of The Day

Slime Evolution

by o wing

  • Slime Evolution
  • Slime Evolution
  • Slime Evolution
  • Slime Evolution
  • Slime Evolution

Raise cute little slime and take care of a slime farm of your own!

[‘How to enjoy 'Slime Evolution'!]
1. Create a new slime
– combine the same slime and a new slime appears.

2. Set an element of the slime
– slime can have water / fire / or grass elements. 
   Each element has different characteristics, so choose wisely!

3. go on an advanture with your Slime.
– You can get a slime and jewery during the advanture.

4. Check your field guide book
– You can check the name of slimes with funny explanation and their ability.

5. Make a special Slime 
– Try to make a special slime by finding a new way other than existing evolution method.

For any questions, email owings37@gmail.com.

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