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21 Apr 2017 Game Of The Day


by Yacooga

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SmartSlide is an original sliding block puzzle using a mix of 15-puzzle and Rubik's cube concepts to provide a pretty challenging 2D brain teaser.
Your goal is to push a bunch of small colored gems into their respective boxes using a single sliding block.
Sounds easy, but it's not: you'll have to use spatial reasoning and appeal to your logical thinking to achieve the task.

The game starts with some simple levels for a brain warm-up, before progressively entering into the realm of brainpower and strategic thinking. 

Your challenge is to solve each of the 80 levels with as few moves as possible.

SmartSlide has a playback function you can use to watch back:

  •  your last play
  •  the best play you achieved on each level
  •  the "world" best solution achieved among all SmartSlide users for each level

Ready to boost your brain cells?

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